We feel very strongly that a healthy Darian and one re signed

“When my parents downsized from 4,500 square feet to 1,100, they sent me four boxes of stuff. It was things like cards from people I no longer knew, a paper plate with the face of a lion I had glued yarn around and my christening outfit. I appreciate my mom taking care of this stuff, but I really don’t want it.” (He is keeping his Cub Scout Pinewood Derby cars.).

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“We still think that Darian has a lot of quarterback years left,” said Reed, who is confident the Alouettes will be able to sign Durant. “Quarterbacks tend to get a lot smarter the older they get because the game slows down a lot for them. We feel very strongly that a healthy Darian and one re signed to an extension will give us an opportunity to be competitive right away..

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