As suggested by Egger et al, we considered that PWe identified

Polaris? 66. HCL? 63. IGate US? 55. As statistical tests of heterogeneity are known to lack power, we also present graphical displays for the summary effect measures of individual trials.In order to test whether the results of the meta analyses might have been biased because of selective publication of randomised trials with positive findings (publication bias), we used the regression approach to assessing funnel plot asymmetry proposed by Egger et al.11 Using simple unweighted linear regression, the inverse of the variance of each study is regressed against the standard normal deviate. The larger the deviation of the intercept of the regression line from zero, the greater the asymmetry and the more likely it is that the a meta analysis will yield biased estimates of effect. As suggested by Egger et al, we considered that PWe identified a total of 48 apparently randomised trials of fluid resuscitation in critically ill patients, of which 37 met the inclusion criteria.

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