(Preparing to play one of the German hijackers

Clinton replied sharply that as a senator from New York, she stood up to help the heart of the nation financial system rebuild after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. She accused Sanders of using his answer to “impugn my integrity” and noted that a large percentage of her donors were women a line that drew applause.

cheap oakley sunglasses Illegally as children.It clearer by the day, underscored by Trump at times contradictory words, that his actual policies as president won be settled until after he takes his seat in the Oval Office.Retired Marine Gen. John Kelly has been selected to head the Department of Homeland Security, and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a climate change denier whose policies have helped fossil fuel companies, is to be announced as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.Separately, Trump named the former chief executive of World Wrestling Entertainment, Linda McMahon, to head the Small Business Administration and may have breathed new life into the candidacy of a secretary of state contender.Trump said he planned to name his choice for the key Cabinet post next week and insisted that former rival Mitt Romney still had a chance. Trump, who has met twice with the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, denied he was stringing Romney along to make him pay for earlier remarks that Trump was unfit to be president.”No, it not about revenge. cheap oakley sunglasses

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fake oakleys How you need very little and, you know, her views. It was just a wonderful time to go through those buildings in that land and those vistas.”. An annual trip to China is their newest source of adventure, and they spent last Christmas in a camper van out in the desert at Joshua Tree in southern California. This Christmas, Pike is filming Entebbe, about the 1976 hijackingof an Air France jet. (Preparing to play one of the German hijackers, Pike says she’s so into the movie already that she’s wearing flares and a Lurex top as we speak: “I’ve become a ’70s stereotype!”). fake oakleys

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