)The couple then went to Millard’s hangar and while wearing

There was no evidence, however, she knew what was inside, the agreed statement of facts says.(In a remarkable moment at Millard’s trial, Noudga told the jury their hour long drive featured no real conversation because she was busy giving Millard a lengthy “sexual favour.” No mention of the sex act was made in court Tuesday.)The couple then went to Millard’s hangar and while wearing black, synthetic rubber gloves moved some things around and switched vehicles.They then drove to Millard’s farm in North Dumfries and https://www.myfakeoakleysunglasses.com/, in the dark of night and again wearing the gloves, towed the incinerator, ominously called The Eliminator and which was stained with Bosma’s blood and contained his charred remains, from the barn and hid it in the woods. She said Millard told her it needed to be moved because the barn’s old floorboards were creaking under its weight.The couple then delivered a locked toolbox containing a gun to their friend, Matt Hagerman. Smich earlier testified it was the gun used to kill Bosma.”She was not told what was in the toolbox,” the statement says.After Millard’s arrest despite Bosma still deemed a missing person instead of calling police about his trailer, she drove to it with Millard’s mother fake oakleys, Madeleine Burns, and wiped down the trailer’s hitch and locks.”Noudga was concerned about being associated with a crime and deliberately and with forethought she wiped her prints and Madeline’s (sic) prints from the trailer.

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