The transition from prescription eyeglasses to contacts also is

Customers purchase eyewear for both vision correction and as a fashion accessory, but prescription eyeglasses is the largest segment.The transition from prescription eyeglasses to contacts also is fueling market growth.Men make up the majority of eyewear purchases, but sales to women are expected to increase.The Radar Pace sunglasses tracks distance, speed and heartrate and connects to a smartphone using an app.It also contains a microphone, allowing users to ask the glasses questions or listen to music. Via Bluetooth, it can make and receive texts and phone calls.The feedback users receive from the device is designed to be motivational and encouraging. It operates using Intel speech recognition software Real Speech.The device is comparable to Google Glass.Radar Pace became available for sale days afterSnap Inc., the owner of Snapchat, debuted its own smart eyeglasses.

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