“You need,” Trump said in September, “a presidential look

A few months later, attacking Hillary Clinton, Trump said the former Secretary of State didn have “a presidential look.” The comment was immediately criticized as sexist https://www.jewellerygk7t6.top/, which it was, but this was also a reminder that the Republican has an image in his mind about what a president should look like. He, evidently, saw himself, and not his opponent, fitting the bill. “You need,” Trump said in September, “a presidential look.”.

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pandora jewellery For years, finding the right opportunities or the right volunteers in Erie County has been challenging. Today, residents and nonprofits in Erie County are fortunate to have a great resource, Get Connected, to help match volunteers with the right organizations all year long.Get Connected is a volunteer engagement initiative established by the United Way of Erie County and the Nonprofit Partnership in 2012 to create a centralized resource for volunteerism in Erie County. With Get Connected, organizations promote their volunteer opportunities to the community via a dynamic website pandora jewellery.


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